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We introduce ourselves ...

  • You are a charming, attractive, young lady who is looking for an escort job.
  • You are studying, doing an apprenticeship or are already in your professional life and are looking for a part-time job that promises not only contact with fascinating people, but also a lucrative income.
  • You attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance and stylish elegance when choosing your outfit
  • You love the luxury as much as the exquisite ambience a first-class hotel or an exclusive restaurant.
  • You impress with your positive aura, your perfect manners, your humor and your open-mindedness.
  • You enjoy a lively chat, but they also have mastered the art of cultivated conversation.
  • You are curious about people and encounters, want to get to know new cities and countries and are already looking forward to the next adventure.
  • You are one of those people who value reliability, punctuality and discretion.

And now please introduce yourself ...

  • You have a date with a successful and cultured gentleman.
  • You enjoy the fact that he appreciates your attractiveness as well as your charm and your imagination and that he is carried away by your charisma.
  • ou accompany this gentleman or Lady on a social occasion, in an exclusive restaurant, on a trip ...
  • You spoil him or her (and they you) with a lot of attention, erotic adventures ... or whatever he and you imagine and want.
  • You get from us, 6 Star Escort Teamextraordinary offers for dates in your city, all over Germany - Europe or worldwide!
  • We also give you a 100% guarantee that everything relating to you is from 6 Star Escort will be treated with the utmost discretion.

Do you like what you have just read? - Do you smile and nod in agreement? We should get to know each other. Absolutely!

  • The best thing to do is to send us an application e-mail in which you briefly introduce yourself and describe yourself.
  • Please do not forget to state your place of residence and your mobile phone number.
  • A few photos for the first impression that don't have to be professional would be great - so that we can get an idea of ​​you.

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